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LA Department of Children and Family Services
Child Protection Hotline Phone Number 1-855-4LA-KIDS (1-855-452-5437)

Community Circles

The community circle is an instructional tool that teachers and school staff can use to
educate their students in problem-solving within relationships.  It is intended to help students
understand the ways in which relationships have been impacted by their actions and to assist
students in problem-solving ways to make things right.  It should be seen as guided practice
for students to work with adults on improving these skills.  We will do community circle
lessons once a month during 7th hour class. Each month will have a different lesson topic
that we will have listed here. If you have any questions about our community
circles please contact our counselor, Kelli Evans.

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Public Service Announcement from Superintendent Trey

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Be Cell Phone Smart:
"ICE" Helps in Emergencies

Put the letters "ICE" in front of the names on your cell phone
that would be a contact In Case of an Emergency.

Emergency workers often look at cell phones and wonder who
to call if someone was in an accident. Even if a victim is carrying
identification (such as a driver's license), those items don't
necessarily provide information about where and how relatives
and other interested parties can be reached.
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