A school bus with undisciplined passengers is a hazardous bus. The misbehavior of the students can lead to accidents. The driver must concentrate on the driving task at hand and cannot be expected to constantly discipline the students while the bus is in motion. Therefore, for the safe operation of the school bus, students should be aware of and obey the following safety rules.
1. Cooperate with the driver; your safety depends on it.
2. Be on time; the bus cannot wait.

3. Cross the road cautiously under the direction of the driver when boarding and leaving the bus.

4. Follow the driver's instructions when loading and unloading.
5. Remain quiet enough so as not to distract the driver.
6. Have written permission which is authorized by the principal in order to get on or off at a stop other than the designated stop.
7. Remain seated when the bus is in motion.
8. Keep arms, head, or other objects inside the bus at all times.
9. Refrain from throwing objects in the bus or out of the windows and doors.
10. Use emergency exits only for emergencies and when instructed to do so.
11. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.
12. Avoid the use or possession of tobacco, matches, cigarette lighters, obscene materials, weapons, drugs, or other prohibited items on the bus.
13. Take no glass objects or other objects on the bus if prohibited by state, federal law, or local school board policies.
14. Take no band instruments, projects, and other objects too large or too hazardous to be held by the passenger or stowed safely under the seat. They will not be permitted on the bus.
15. Refrain from damaging the bus in any way.

16. Be courteous and safety-conscious. Protect personal riding privilege, and enjoy the ride.


Parents should be informed of and should understand their responsibility in working with the bus driver and school system personnel for the welfare and safety of their children. Also, emphasis should be placed on the problems involved with safe transportation and the extent of responsibility placed on bus drivers who are transporting their children.
Responsibilites of parents are as follows:
1. Be familiar with and follow local board and school level policies for school bus transportation.
2. Have children ready and at their designated pick-up points along the route.
3. Cooperate with the school and bus driver in teaching children safety precautions and good manners and habits for school bus passengers.
4. Assist when there are disciplinary problems.
5. Avoid detaining the driver on the route.
6. Avoid contacting drivers to change schedules, route assignments, bus stops, etc... (If a problem arises, contact the principal or Supervisor of Transportation.)
7. Assist the school district in monitoring safe access to passengers by keeping bus loading and unloading zones free of parked vehicles, trash or debris, by keeping vegetation trimmed, etc...